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Assessing the risk of harm to people in the workplace is an essential step towards legal compliance and effective risk management.  It is also a sensible business decision, as it helps to maintain productivity, decrease staff absenteeism, protect assets from damage and maintain a positive reputation.
There is a legal requirement for all employers to conduct risk assessments for foreseeable significant health and safety risks.  Where an organisation employs five or more people then records of risk assessments must be made.
The risk assessment process starts with the identification of hazards in the workplace that have the potential to cause harm to people and property.  These hazards are then assessed to determine the level of risk that they pose and what control measures are required to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm.  The law generally requires adequate health and safety controls to protect people from harm.
Ensuring that your organisation has suitable and sufficient risk assessments often requires outside expert assistance from a competent health and safety advisor, who can work with you to develop your risk assessments and ensure that they are suitable and sufficient.
We can offer assistance in identifying foreseeable significant risks and developing suitable and sufficient risk assessments.  In accordance with Health and Safety Executives advice we do not produce risk assessments in isolation; we have a strict policy of preparing them in partnership with our client so that risks can be properly identified and controlled.  We do not offer standard generic risk assessments as they may not control our clients specific risks and may not meet statutory requirements.
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