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Noise risk assessments in Witney Oxfordshire  
Noise risk assessments oxfordshire

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, require employers to prevent and reduce the risk to health from exposure to noise.  The requirements include the assessment of the level of noise to which employees are exposed to and where necessary to take measures to reduce their exposure.
It is unfortunately the case that the majority of occupational noise assessments are inadequate, because they simply don’t meet the minimum regulatory requirements.  Noise assessments must:
Be undertaken using a integrating sound level meter; which is capable of measuring A-weighted sound pressure level (LAeq) and C-weighted peak sound pressure level and must meet at least Class 2 of BS EN 61672-1:2003 or Type 2 of BS EN 60804:2001.  Sound level metres must be calibrated each day before and after making any measurements using an acoustic calibrator (internal electronic calibration does not comply with the regulatory requirements).
Identify employees who are likely to be at risk of hearing damage.
Identify sources of noise giving rise to risk.
Provide a description of the work activities which have been assessed.
Calculate daily personal noise exposure (LEP,d) of employees likely to be exposed at or above the first action level.
Measure peak noise exposure of employees who are likely to be exposed at or above the peak action level.
identify existing noise control measures and an evaluate their adequacy.
Identify any additional control measures which may be required to comply with the regulations
Identify necessary ear protection zones and signage.
Identify information and training which should be provided to employees
Occupational noise surveys conducted in Oxfordshire
Our noise risk assessments are prepared to meet the statutory requirements of the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and will in most cases include a digital map which can be easily updated when new equipment is provided.
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