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Fire Management Arrangement are plans which identify actions which should be taken in the event of a fire as well as arrangements that should be maintained to reduce the risk of fire. Developing and implementing fire management arrangements is a significant step towards compliance with fire safety legislation.
Fire Management Plans should address the following issues:
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  Emergency Action
 Calling the Fire and Rescue Service
 Power/Process Isolation
 Liaison with the Emergency Services
 Fire Fighting Equipment
 Training / Provision of Information
 Warning if there is a Fire
  Evacuation of the Premises
  Place of Assembly and Roll Call
  Identification of Key Escape Routes
 Specific Responsibilities
 Fire Safety Inspections / Records.
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The management arrangements in a Fire Management Plan should take account of the significant findings of your Fire Risk Assessment.
Our Fire Management Plans are always prepared in consultation with the premises occupier.  The cost of preparing a fire management plan will include the cost of a site visit where our consultants will discuss your existing arrangements and any additional arrangements that are necessary.
The cost of a bespoke Fire Management Plan will depend on the size and the use of the premises.  Prices start from 350.00 + VAT (Price excludes a fire plan drawing).  Contact us for additional information.
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