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Principle Contractors are required to prepare a Construction Phase (Health and Safety) Plan.  A Construction Phase (Health and Safety) Plan must satisfy certain legal requirements, the main aim is to ensure that project specific health and safety risks are adequately managed.
A Construction Phase (Health and Safety) Plan should not be a generic document that manages generic risks; it should be project specific and identify foreseeable and significant health and safety risks that are applicable to the construction project that the plan has been developed for.
The importance of a suitable and sufficient Construction Phase (Health and Safety) Plan cannot be over emphasised as it is the basis of the site health and safety management system.  That’s why we take the responsibility of preparing our clients Construction Phase (Health and Safety) Plans very seriously and frown on other organisations who prepare Plans that are generic and who don't even  conduct a site visit or consult adequately with the projects site management.
The cost of an initial Construction Phase Plan starts at £660.00 + VAT.

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